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4 lutego 2009
K’Ozzie Fest: Artists and Stalls
We are waiting for applications
A message from the Puls Polonii Cultural Foundation. The organisation of this year’s K’Ozzie Fest is entering into its final stages of preparations. There are two more matters to sort out: 1. creating a list of stalls and 2, a list of artists who wish to perform at the Festival.

Everyone will be warmly received. We are all a Polish postcard of Australia – the quality of the postcard depends on us. Let’s give it our all and our best! After all, we have a lot to give. Poles truly are talented.

We invite all Polish businesses to register themselves on a list of stalls for Cooma Centennial Park on Sunday April 19, 2009. The number of stalls is limited, so we are operating on the basis of “first come, first served”. Hiring a stall is cheap. We will soon let you know of the cost this year.

Please write to the Puls Polonii Cultural Foundation at

We invite Polish ensembles and soloists from all around Australia to take part in the Festival. A repertoire to do with T. Kosciuszko, P. Strzelecki, Stanislaw Blum, the Snowy Mountains and the Snowy Hydro will be especially appreciated. The organisers will provide this material if ensembles/artists do not have them.

Please write to the Foundation with your submission. You may write to or

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