22 wrzesnia 2007
Kosciuszko Music on Mount Kosciuszko Show
Puls Polonii, ESK

Click here

Whether you were with us or not on Mount Kosciuszko enjoying Kosciuszko Music, a unique event that happened on the 17th of February 2007, you can now watch the event on our new slide show.

A plug-in ActiveX is needed to run this Web-Show.

On clicking at 'Click here' you will get some prompts/messages depending on the configuration of your computer and security level on your computer.

You should accept all the requests, click where you are requested to do so, allow the ActiveX to be automatically installed and eventually the plug-in will be downloaded. The download and installation of the plug-in is automatic, yet typically your permission to install the ActiveX on your computer is needed.You also need to click on 'Accept terms and conditions'.

Then the plug-in will download the show and a cover page should appear with capture 'Kosciuszko Music on Mount Kosciuszko 2007' . To play the show click on the Stop\Play button (||) at the left bottom part of the presentation screen or double click on the central pulsing picture. Turn the speakers of your computer on.

The show should start. Enjoy and let us know your feedback.

A DVD with the show with pictures of high resolution is available from Puls Polonii at AUD 20.00 + AUD 2.00 postage (within Australia).

You can pay by cheque addressed to: Fundacja Kulturalna Pulsu Polonii, 33 Valley View Cres. Epping North NSW 2121

or you can pay the amount directly to Fundacja Kulturalna Pulsu Polonii account:
ANZ Bank, BSB 012290, account no 489922501

Income from the DVD sale will be used to further promote Kosciuszko's heritage and Strzelecki's legacy in Australia. So, do not hesitate to support this action, buy a DVD and enjoy memories from this unprecedented event.