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12 października 2008
An exciting new Graphics Competition
will be announced soon
The Cultural Foundation of Puls Polonii (FKPP), organiser of K’Ozzie Fest 2009 (formerly the Mound and Mt Kosciuszko Festival), will soon be releasing details about an exciting new Graphics Competition for both adults and children, entitled Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki and his team – achieving together.

The State Library of NSW holds the only photograph in existence of Strzelecki during his stay in Australia. There is a distinct lack of photos, pictures, drawings and images which depict how Strzelecki and his team might have looked during their travels and explorations. We have only written reports and media articles describing his expedition, including dramatic accounts of how he pushed through thick bushland after losing his horses, battling hunger, and surviving on raw koala meat provided by his aboriginal guide.

And so, based on the written accounts that are in existence, the FKPP organisation hopes to guide the creation of graphic images which show Strzelecki’s adventures and achievements with his team – day-to-day life on the various expeditions, taking land measurements, collecting mineral samples, setting up camp, eating together, working together and resting together. The idea of the competition is the development of graphic images (iconography) which express and depict, based on the facts we know, the work and activities of Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki and his colleagues whilst exploring the Snowy Mountains and the Gippsland District. Through the competition, we hope to acknowledge and appreciate the role played by his aboriginal guides and helpers in achieving his goals and commissions.

The best and most interesting art works will be published in a special commemorative Festival booklet totally dedicated to the subject of Strzelecki and entitled „Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki – in the spirit of teamwork and harmony!”, and also in the Polish internet newspaper „Puls Polonii” and other Polish and Australian media. The winning artworks will form part of an exhibition to be presented in Jindabyne and Cooma during the Festival, as well as other Australian towns and cities later.

We would expect that the period for sending entries will close by the end of February/early March 2009. Finalists will be informed in mid-March. Prize-winners will be announced during the Festival to be held during the first 2009 school holidays on the 17th, 18th and 19th April.

Competition entries must be no larger than A4. Both adults and children are encouraged to enter the competition, and entries may be from Australia, Poland, England, America or indeed any other country. The following entry types are specifically encouraged:

• Paintings or drawings;
• Entries aided by computerised techniques ;
• Collages incorporating existing pictures and images, combined with new original drawings;
• Singular or multiple entries, or entries created as part of a series;
• Cartoons images and caricatures (we think a litle humour can’t hurt!).

Inspiration for the images? Similar to last year, FKPP will prepare and publish historical and anecdotal articles and information to assist and inspire artists, via the websites & . Artists may however base their works on other reference or source material if they wish to. It is important, though, that all entries depict the reality of the life and times of Strzelecki in and around the 1840’s, and the spirit of his adventures and achievements.

The competition will be officially announced once a jury has been finalised and funds procured for the prizes. In the meantime, FKPP is appealing to anyone who thinks they might be suitably qualified, from both the Australian and Australian-Polish community, to consider nominating themselves to be on the jury for this competition. FKPP is also appealing to potential sponsors to assist the Foundation in funding the competition. We hope to have a prize pool of around $4,000.

If you can help in any of the above ways, please contact or email Ernestyna in Sydney on 02 96 17 1797 or