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27 kwietnia 2009
No, it is not Christmas yet: snow in Thredbo
The Sydney Morning Herald
Just as K'Ozzie Fest guests had left the Jindabyne area, it unexpectedly started snowing in Thredbo. Read all about it!

A FEW moments of stunned silence was the response from three-year-old Holly Foard-Whitelaw when she cast her eyes on snow for the first time at Thredbo yesterday morning. Then it dawned on her: where were all the presents?

The snow and the "Christmas trees" surely meant that Santa was nearby.

"She was really excited," said her mother, Caroline Foard, "but then when we told her [it wasn't Christmas] she was still pretty excited to pick it up and throw it around, and make snowballs … it's a bit of a novelty."

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