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30 kwietnia 2009
Festival Echoes - updated
festiwalowe echa...echa...echa...

Ursula. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Polish Fest, it was wonderful. We look forward to working with you mob again.
Joseph Brown McLeod
Traditional Dancers of Monaro

* * * Dear K'Ozzie Fest artists. I just want to thank you ALL for your co-operation and wonderful performances at K'Ozzie Fest. Everyone did a superb job and its really amazing how we squeezed the Saturday concert into 3 hours and 10 minutes! Darek you were a terrific MC, and how often does a Polish concert start ON TIME?. Anyway I enjoyed working with each and every one of you. Could you please pass on my thanks to the other performers of your respective Ensembles and Groups.

Ursula Lang Artistic Director

* * *

Dear Ula,
You have done a great job. Together with Ernestyna you created historical event so important for Poles and Australians.It was for me a great pleasure to work on the festival.

Kosciuszko is a magic name always pronounced with the greatest pride.We all have had a great time in Jindabayne, particularly in a magic sunshine.

Darek Paczynski

Hello Ernestyna, l hope that the weekend was a success. We certainly had a good response to the piano recital. Krzysztof was amazing as always....

Kind regards
Rachel Maclean
Conference Co-ordinator
Quality Resort Horizons

* * *

Gratuluje calej imprezy w Jindabyne i Cooma (tam pogoda nawalila, ale dwa poprzednie dni byly najwazniejsze). Koncert K.Malka - przedni. Poza tym tekst napisany przez Felixa Molskiego jest najlepszym artykulem na tematy polskie napisanym po angielsku na Pulsie Polonii. Wszystko: tekst, slownictwo (b.bogate), zdjecia i linki (!!!) - fantastyczne.
Gratuluje !
Jacek Samborski