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21 kwietnia 2009
Thoughts on K'Ozzie Fest
Ursula Lang

K'Ozzie Fest

When a crazy idea
More akin to a dream
Starts to bubble and flow
Like a fresh mountain stream

Gaining pace, depth and breadth
You can feel that its strong
You can feel history turning
And it carries you along

On a journey that’s never been travelled before
One that’s different, exciting, and makes you want more!

Just a crazy idea
That just "maybe" we can?
Come together, work together
Give each other a hand
Share our music and culture
Although so diverse
We are both displaced persons,
And we know about hurt
We too have lost country
Been oppressed and made poor
Made to wander and wonder
Where to go, and what for.

Well the time is a good one
To move on like that stream
That crazy idea, is no longer a dream.
Its real and its happened,
It’s a start, not much more
But it felt good, and looked good,
And so I feel sure ……

That the journey, though long, will bring much in reward
That we won't ever look back, and be quite assured
That the blood, sweat and tears which we shed on the way
Means that "K'Ozzie Fest" was worth doing,
... and is here to stay!