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19 kwietnia 2009
Paul Edmund Strzelecki and His Team: Achieving Together
Informacja o antologii – information about the Anthology

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W sobotę 18 kwietnia Fundacja Kulturalna Pulsu Polonii oficjalnie wylansowała tegoroczną antologię Festiwalu Kościuszkowskiego, zatytułowaną „Paul Edmund Strzelecki and His Team: Achieving Together” („Paul Edmund Strzelecki i jego ekipa: w duchu zgodnej współpracy”). Książka zawiera wiele artykułów, esejów i innych prac o Strzeleckim i jego towarzyszach oraz oryginalne prace graficzne stworzone w ramach tegorocznego festiwalu.

On Saturday April 18, the Puls Polonii Cultural Foundation officially launched the 2009 K’Ozzie Fest anthology, Paul Edmund Strzelecki and His Team: Achieving Together. The book features a selection of essays, articles and other works about Strzelecki and his companions, as well as original artwork submitted for the 2009 Festival.

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Here is the text of the book’s blurb:

Who was Paul Edmund Strzelecki? Why did he value Indigenous Australians? How did he lead some of the most important expeditions in Australian history? What does a Sydney writer have to do with his legacy?

Paul Edmund Strzelecki and His Team: Achieving Together is a comprehensive collection of works, in English and Polish, about the internationally recognised explorer and scientist.

The anthology unites existing publications about Strzelecki by the most authoritative writers with new material that delves into many of the debates surrounding existing historiography. It reveals new facets of the famous Pole’s character and achievements. The anthology also highlights the traveller’s remarkable concern for Indigenous Australians and the role played by his companions on various expeditions.

A collection of essays, articles, poems, and other works, the anthology is unique in its scope and depth. It also features a rich assortment of artworks and photographs that contributes to iconography about Strzelecki.

ISBN 978-0-646-51234-1