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1 marca 2009
The American Friends of Kosciuszko Award
Nagroda Amerykanów w konkursie graficznym Strzeleckiego

Martin Douthitt & Dale Torok
They have conquered Mt Kosciuszko the way it had been conquered by Paul Edmund Strzelecki nearly 170 years ago. As they were leaving Australia last Friday, on the 27th of February 2009 they offered $500 to Fundacja Kulturalna Pulsu Polonii. We have agreed the money will go to the Strzelecki graphic competition as The American Friends of Kosciuszko Award.

It remains to be seen who will be lucky to get the prize. Closing date for the competition was right on the 27th of February. The results will be officially announced during the K'Ozzie Fest in April this year.

Listen to a short conversation with our sponsor

Our sincere thanks to Dale & Martin for their contribution.

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Denise Dion interviewing Dale & Martin after the Geehi expedition

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From left: Martin Douthitt & Dale Torok with Kosciuszko's portrait. Photo Puls Polonii