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17 lutego 2009
A new poem: "Strzelecki"
Bunty Bisharah

To Martin, Dale, Oscar and Mariusz who are going to conquer Mt Kosciuszko the Strzelecki way

Link to the article "They are coming from America to honor Kosciuszko"

While the Snowy Mountain district is unique to this country
Let’s not forget that mountaineer - the one named Strzelecki
Can you imagine his journey, into the unknown?
Where he trekked through virgin bush – his face and hair windblown
Feeling a force of nature that only the mountain knows
Where everything is stronger, since the seeds that nature sews
Have to endure great hardships, to survive on the mountain at all
Day after day, year after year, from spring through to fall
It’s the survival of the fittest here, on the rooftop of Australia
With Kosciuszko, the crown jewel, wearing his regalia.

What a noble man Strzelecki was, naming the mount Kosciuszko
After a Polish genius who had many strings to his bow
While being a selfless general, who gave away what he earned
There were other things he liked to do, things for which he yearned
He loved creating gardens, on a grand and magnificent scale
He enjoyed composing music, or writing and telling a tale
But his strength out on the battlefield, where he led his loyal men
Matched that mighty force of the mountain – for which he’d often yen
To feel the west-wind in his hair, or the sweat across his brow
And to share the knowledge of his friend, who helped this country grow.

The Strzelecki Graphic Competition, 2009