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21 maja 2008
My impressions of the Polish Festival
Paul Mackay. Photo Puls Polonii

The Lowicz Ensemble
ESK: These thoughts come from Paul Mackay of Cooma, a teacher, song writer, author of many Snowy Hydro songs and of a ballad about Stan Blum.

Listen to the song about Stan Blum & generosity of the human heart

My impressions of the Polish Festival are contained in the following words and phrases and rambling thoughts:
• Colourful
• A wonderful sense of community pride
• An exciting cultural experience
• A celebration of the connection of Polish and Australian heritage
• An inclusive and supportive, encouragement of cultural reflection for all
• Recognition of inspiring values held by historical figures and celebrated in song, dance and poetry
• A broad celebration including all aspects of the person with the experience of nature, community, celebration and ritual
• A celebration for all ages
• A celebration of the environment
• A community embracing multiculturalism
• As an Aussie of Irish descent the need to understand ancestors and culture is strong, it is good and important the Polish community is celebrating their cultural roots in Australia

Lowicz Ensemble, thanks for coming to Jindabyne!

The Mackay Trio: Paul & Lou and Vera being filmed by Oscar

• Enriching for all
• Great to have music and dance outside in the open air at the markets in Cooma
• A drawing of the passing crowd
• The presence of the Polish community at mass was a great blessing and a sign of hope
• A great reminder of our proud short history of the Snowy Mountains Scheme
• Inspiration and awareness for students of the challenges facing migrants
• Student awareness of our great history here in the Snowy Mountains
• The Anthology-wow, a special keep sake
• I hope you have the energy for a third Mound to Mount Festival, it must take an enormous amount of energy and time. Good Luck for 2009! Thank You!


The Strzeleckis from Poznan, Poland in front of the Sir Strzelecki Exhibition owned by Les Strzelecki of Cooma

Chinese dancer with her mum