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11 maja 2008
An Ode to Mothers
Lee Taylor-Friend

PP: Lee Taylor-Friend is the winner of the Mound & Mt Kosciuszko Festival poetry competition.

Mothers are a giving mob
A rare and precious breed
You see they’re always ‘on the job’
Or doing a good deed…

They’ll comfort you when times are tough
Inspire when you’re down
They’ll help you when you’ve had enough
Make smiles from a frown…

She’ll chastise you when you are rude
She’ll teach you right from wrong
Ferociously protect her brood
Help you to grow, be strong…

Mums are a cohesive force
That binds our lives together
She’ll always set you right on course
Through bright or stormy weather…

So this and every ‘Mothers Day’
Be grateful for your Mum
Please spoil her in every way
Or she might smack your bum…

Written by Lee Taylor-Friend for Mother’s Day 2008©

Reprinted, with permission, from Snowy River Echo, May 2008.

Lee during an award ceremony, Cooma 20th April 2008. Photo Puls Polonii