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1 maja 2008
Festival songs & poems from Jindabyne Memorial Hall, Saturday 19th April 2008
Sound Engineer Andrzej Strzelecki. Photos by Puls Polonii
Listen to a Jindabyne Gala Concert Welcome by Tony Lang

Listen to a song written by Marek Baterowicz, composed by Jurek Scislowski and performed by Halina Gad

"Bo my z Ciebie, Naczelniku" performed by Tadeusz Szymański

Listen to a poem written and recited by a 13 yo Dannielle Kelley "It was 1949"

Listen to a song written by Ursula Lang, composed by John Hospodaryk and performed by John Hospodaryk with Lajkonik, Ursula and Ray

Listen to a poem written and recited by Bunty Bisharah "Journey of the Mind"

Listen to a song based on Kosciuszko's own composition: "Patrz Kosciuszko na nas z nieba". Halina Gad, soprano, singing with Polish Army Representative Orchestra conducted by Boleslaw Szulia

Listen to a song about T. Kosciuszko, written by a great Polish poetess Maria Konopnicka, composed & performed by a 9 yo Paulina Pazdzior who also accompanies herself

Listen to the "Snowy Anthem" written & composed by Paul Dion.Sung by the Dion Group, accompanied by P. Dion

Listen to a song written & composed & performed by John Hospodaryk - "The Dam"

More Festival Songs will be available tomorrow.

John Hospodaryk with the Lajkonik kids. Can you see fresh apples on the stage which came from the Strzelecki (Les) orchard?

Tadeusz Szymański singing about Tadeusz Kosciuszko

Halina Gad, soprano, singing a capella

The youngest performer, Paulina Pazdzior being filmed by Marek Kamma

Sound Engineer, Andrzej Strzelecki (on the right) at work