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28 kwietnia 2008
A Gem of Cultural Experience
Les Strzelecki

Ernestyna. Firstly, I would like to thank you and all of the organisers of the fantastic event which took place in the Snowy Mountains last week end. It is only people with energy such as yours that see the true results come through. A Gem of cultural experience.

People need to be together,and from this we all learn many things. The newspapers are full of how the community all experienced something very special.

I will forward to you in the next few days a visual report of only a few of the events, mainly the events from the Cooma Cenenial Park experience. I hope from this information and its sharing will see the future of the festival set a foundation within Multi Culturalism in the Snowy Mountains.

I will send copies of my report to only a few players of the event, so I leave up to you as the true Champion to make sure that many involved will see my interpretation.

Again, Congatulations.


Leszek Strzelecki and the Strzelecki Family

Les Strzelecki of Cooma filming the event on Sunday 20th April 2008

Andrzej Strzelecki of Adelaide providing the best quality of sound, Cooma, Sunday 20th April 2008

The Strzelecki Gathering at the Strzelecki Momument, Saturday, 19th April 2008. All photos: Puls Polonii