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16 października 2007
Mound & Mt Kosciuszko Photographic Competition
Cultural Foundation of Puls Polonii
The Second "Mound and Mt Kosciuszko Festival" will be held in Jindabyne & Cooma on 18-20 April 2008.

Cultural Foundation of Puls Polonii under the patronage of Polish Consulate in Sydney and the Kosciuszko National Park announces a new photographic competition for young people under 25, with the theme:

"The Beautiful and the Talented"

This competition is to promote talented young artists in the community who have made an important contribution to the aims of the Kosciuszko project, through the medium of photographic images.

The following prizes will be awarded.

Ist prize $600.00 ** 2nd prize $400.00 ** 3rd prize $100.00

Sponsors may also provide special awards or prizes, and should discuss their proposals with the organisers.

Results will be published in March 2008.

The best entries will be exhibited in A3 format as part of the Mound and Mt Kosciuszko Festival 2008, as well as published in the photogallery of Puls Polonii, and other media. The organizers reserve the rights to publish and promote the material which is the purpose of the competition.

The make-up of the jury will be announced soon.

Each entry is to have a maximum of 10 images 600 DPI and each entry shall be judged individually.

Digital photos should be on a CD, with names of artists photographed, and the name, the age and the address of the photographer.

Entries should be submitted by 29th February 2008. Please send them to:

Cultural Foundation of Puls Polonii, 33 Valley View Cres. Epping North NSW 2121