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27 kwietnia 2007
Cavaliers From Cooma Built Tunnels, Dams and Power Stations
Ulick O'Boyle and The Settlers sang about their achievements

Listen to the Snowy Hydro Scheme builders’ song Cavaliers of Cooma.

Ulick O’Boyle, a singer and composer, is also the producer of several already legendary songs about the builders of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme. Recently, he spoke with Puls Polonii’s Dr Ernestyna Skurjat-Kozek.

Listen to several audio fragments of the interview with Ulick.

Ulick speaks about Ireland and the USA

Ulick on emigrating to Australia

Ulick on earnings from the building of the Hydro power scheme

On accidents during construction

On work in the tunnel

The first concerts in Cooma Hotel

Fame and the first CD

I'm still composing!

My Polish friend

Ernestyna Skurjat-Kozek
Translation: Lukasz Swiatek

Composition of the image in the headline by Puls Polonii. Source ats.org.au.