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13 listopada 2017
Fraternity Flights over Lake Jindabyne
the lucky 40 who could make it

Fot. Mark Kamma
The whole world has been celebrating the Kosciuszko Year under UNESCO auspices. And certainly we are celebrating in Australia as well. After our historic trip to Poland with the delegation of Ngarigo, the custodians of Mt Kosciuszko and the whole Monaro Land, after a big competition Gala in Sydney we came down to Jindabyne to celebrate Kosciuszko's Death Bicentenary. After a day at Memorial Hall where a pop, folk and classical music show had taken place we have moved on Sunday morning to a greener venue - Jindabyne Aero Club for the scenic flights over the lake and the town. Queing up, depending on weight, we could choose to fly either on a roary helicopter, on a tank-like Nanchang or a tiny delicate Jabiru.

So all together over 40 people had a chance to fly. Our idea, as some years ago ( during Fraternity Flights over Mt Kosciuszko) was to fly friends across the race barrier.

We are happy to note that many Ngarigo friends had a chance to see their own land from above, like a soaring eagle. Ngarigo elder Aunty Deanne Davison, and her daughters Iris and Cheryl made it to the clouds, and Iris's son Jesse with his kids, and the beautiful singers Michelle Dixon with her cousin Tamika Townsend could see the lake from above.

And the new Mayor of the Snowy Monaro Council John Rooney had also a chance to see the land from above the clouds. He and many others, mainly Poles. Some, like our famous dentist dr Ewa Walczak have experienced a mad flight including a "near miss" landing and rapid take off. Yet she came back on earth unshaken! Such fun, and all thanks to the pilots: Michael Roberts, Paul Duncan and Rolf Theile, and craft owners Jeff Straney, Paul Duncan and Rolf Theile.

Flight over Jindy. Photo Bogumila Filip

Mr & Mrs Skrodzki after the flight. Photo Puls Polonii

MC Dariusz Paczyński with Ngarigo singer Tamika Townsend. Photo B. Filip

Julian Gilewski at the grand piano at Memorial Hall.Foto Mark Kamma

Lajkonik dancing at the Aero Club. Photo Mark Kamma

Krzysztof Małek performing at Memorial Hall. Photo Puls Polonii

Krzysztof Małek performing outdoors. Photo B. Filip

Tance Lwowskie by Lowicz Ensemble. Photo Anna Zamecznik

While the crafts were circling over, we have enjoyed watching folk dances performed by Lajkonik Ensemble from Sydney and Lowicz Ensemble from Melbourne. A beautiful song about Mount Kosciuszko was sung by Slawek Kazan who just recently got an award for it in the International "Kosciuszko Bicentenary" Competition. We could admire the sound of an electric piano in the middle of an airfield as two splendid artists agreed to perform amidst the roar: Krzysztof Malek from Sydney and a young guest from Poland, Julian Gilewski. Towards the end of the day, as we were dismantling marqueees and piling chairs up, Krzysztof started playing his favourite piece Chopin's Heroic Polonaise. Half way down... sudden silence. Andrzej, the PA man sprung his arms upwards: "no more fuel in the generator". Krzysztof's fingers were still bombarding the keys as we started laughing like mad. What a surrealistic finish of the great day!

Ernestyna Skurjat-Kozek

Our crafts:The helicopter Bell Jetranger , registration VH OKS, Pilot was Michael Roberts and the owner is Jeff Straney.

The Nanchang CJ6, known as the Green Machine, registration VH NND, Pilot and owner is Paul Duncan

The Jabiru J230, registration 24-7430, Pilot and owner Rolf Theile.

All pilots and craft owners received Diplomas of Appreciation - just like this one