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9 listopada 2017
Video Report from Kosciuszko Bicentenary Festival
Jindabyne Day One (28th October 2017)
Jindabyne Memorial Hall Celebration. Dur 28 min. Click here.

A report featuring Mr Piotr Buszta, charge d'Affaires of the Polish Embassy, Mrs Iris White who recently led Ngarigo delegation to Krakow, Polish-Aboriginal Ballet "Dance with Spirits", young pianist from Poland Julian Gilewski (one of the winners of the International Kosciuszko Bicentenary Competition), distinguished pianist - Krzysztof Małek, Lajkonik & Łowicz Folk Ensembles, singer Sławek Kazan (another winner of the Kosciuszko Competition) as well as Ngarigo singers Michelle Dixon and Tamika Townsend.

The signature tune of the report is made of a Polonaise from Grzegorz Tylec's "Suita Orkiestrowa.Życiorys Kościuszki".

This report is to be followed by "Day Two Celebrations", the events which have taken place on Sunday 29th October at the Jindabyne Aero Club - live entertainment and Fraternity Flights over Mt Kosciuszko.