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16 czerwca 2011
Michałek Romaniuk czeka pilnie na pomoc
Beata Traciak

Ponownie prosimy Puls Polonii o pomoc dla chorego dziecka. Tym razem chodzi o Michałka Romaniuka z Polski. Oto jego historia w języku angielskim. Czy mogłabym prosić o opublikowanie chociażby adresu internetowego. www.urgent-appeal.blogspot.com/

Beata Traciak
reporter W-24.pl www.wiadomosci24.pl/autor/345925.html

Fate wasn't at Michael side from the beginning of his existence… When I was pregnant with Michael, doctor said that pregnancy development wasn't proper. He made a diagnosis, which any mother waiting for beloved baby wouldn't want to hear- the pregnancy was dead. Referral to hospital, preparing for the procedure, last USG to confirm diagnosis. But the heart was beating, our little thing was alive and pregnancy was spreading well. And till the delivery it was going perfectly! Michael was born healthy but fate put another spoke in our wheel- a great grief for our family. When he was 3 months old the doctor said that he was blind. Another despair, visiting doctors, specialized examinations. And God bless diagnosis second time was incorrect. Michael has healthy eyes!

When our Mickey has finished 2,5 year he's got to the hospital with viral interstinitis. This day changed our whole life. After many high specialized examintations the diagnosis sounds like sentence for us- NEUROBLASTOMA- malignant tumor. I was praying for this diagnosis being another mistake, bad dream, nightmare… unfortunately this time it was correct. Our whole world collapsed, awful thoughts, pain… I was watching at my son crying and thinking "why him, why fate is so cruel for him, why not me" Horror, fear, despair were my only feelings… Each single day fighting against this disease makes us full of anxiety. The tumor was removed, Michael was after autotransplantation. Everything was going so well… he was really good…

Half year ago after control examination after one year of being health our son again got to the hospital- we heard very sad words- RELAPS. Once again our world collapsed. Cancer attacked three places: marrow, spinal cord and lymph nodes. After four cycles of chemotherapy there is no improvement. Cancer attacks also bones. Today doctors who take care of my son told me that they did everything they could… that they couldn't do anything more. I can't agree with this that's why I look for help everywhere… I would like to consult him in one of the foreign clinics (Kolonia, Heildeberg). But for his chance for treatment we need a lot of money…

We are poor people... We live in Kolorówka Osada. It's a poor village which was state agricultural farm. We have 3 kids, we live five people in one room with kitchen and bathroom. Husband is the only working person, and it's odd job ( he's working in building industry, he wasn't working winter this year). In our neighbourhood there are no firms or work-shops where I could ask for help.

I beg you please help us… Every amount of money counts. I know that you have huge and fragile hearts. Without you we couldn`t do this. I ask you like a mother ask for her baby's life. Don't let money decides about my son`s life…

Iwona Romaniuk