Polish Festival z Aborygenami

Puls Polonii
3rd December 2017

Galeria Zdjęć Pulsu Polonii

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What a nice  image combination! Kosciuszko Heritage Inc. having a stall for free. Thanks a lot! Master of Ceremony Michał Macioch meeting  his new Aboriginal friends. Our stall being visited by the VIPs. From left: Minister Krzysztof Szczerski, Mrs Regina Jurkowska, our new ambassador Michał Kołodziejski and Prof. Andrzej Kozek.
Ngarigo beauties Tamika and Michelle with our dear guest from Poland, dr Leszek Marek Krzesniak. Another member of the Polish delegation, dr Longina Ordon. The Baran Family almost complete. One of them was a winner in our Kosciuszko Competition. Speaking of the winners - poet Marek Baterowicz flanked by Ernestyna and Ela Celejewska from Radio 2000FM.
A blast from the past - Adam Chyrek the famous artist who had made sculptures, bass-reliefs and paintings for the Polish Church in Marayong...nice to meet him after so many years... Darek Paczyński with his Ngarigo friends. Ernestyna with Deanne Dixon and Longina. And to think that dr Krzesniak came all the way from Poland to unexpectedly meet hist former neighbours.
How nice to be able to stay in  the shade. Words of gratitude to the President of Polska Fundacja Kosciuszkowska for his assistance  in getting a grant from the Senate. In the stall of Gazeta Polska. Tekla Klebetnica on her way to the stage.
And here we go! Czadu! Merciful clouds. Nadia Golski, thanks a lot,  great you could  make it! Plenty of space for everyone including Zosia Mrówka.
Kids' paradise. Our stall visited by Jurek Kortynski whose work & contribution was praised by Mayor of Blacktown. And who is drinking beer? Our neighbour - Saturday School from Macarthur.
Sliczny wianek! What a pity it was not for sale... Our next guest - President of the Supreme Council of the Polish Community in Australia, Maglorzata Kwiatkowska. And with Malgorzata, Hania Sadurska from SBS Radio...
Another great, unexpected guest - Marcel Weyland the famous translator sitting next to Longina Ordon. Dr Ela Mrówka - thank you for having taken our guests to  a wonderful concert. Medal i tytuł Wszystkie stoiska cieszyły się zainteresowaniem.
Old friends, good to see them at least once a year in Darling Harbour or in Plumpton... Paweł Gospodarczyk... all the way from Melbourne. Nice sweet beer from Poland.
Tamika spoke on SBS Radio how Mt Kosciuszko unites Polish community with Ngarigo people. In Jindabyne they performed two songs, today in Plumpton they sung 4. Nice gentle ballads.
Dr Krześniak and dr Ordon meeting Gosia Vella in Plumpton a day after a meeting at School in Ashfield. David Dixon. In Jindabyne he played didgeridoo, today he chose guitar. Marcel Weyland spent half of the day in our stall reading a book about Kosciuszko.
Patriotic product, patriotic words.
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