Ngarigo delegation's historic visit in Krakow

12-16 October 2017

Galeria Zdjęć Pulsu Polonii

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The historic trip of the Australian delegation to Krakow for Kosciuszko's Death Bicentenary. We flew with the Emirate Air Lines. Landing in Warsaw and a short meeting with dr Leszek Krzesniak, President of the Polish Kosciuszko Foundation. From Warsaw to Krakow by bus. Lunch in Radom at the What shall I have? Barszcz or zurek? Michelle Dixon with her Mum.
Day One. Celebrations at the Kosciuszko Mound. Meeting  youth from schools named after T. Kosciuszko. Right on top of the Mound.
Several people travelled to Krakow  to meet Ernestyna  on the Mound but she was terribly sick that day... The essence of friendship: David Dixon with Felix Molski on the Kosciuszko Mound. Kosciuszko Mound - a dinner for special guests given on the occassion of international conference for representatives of Kosciuszko Associations
Leader of Ngarigo delegation Iris White with her son Jesse. International Conference
The conference was held at the Meeting Hall of the Krakow City Council. At the entrance to the Krakow City Council. Meeting exotic guys at the Old Market.
Participants of the International Conference at the Mickiewicz Monument at the Old Market.
Iris wearing Krakuska Hat. 
A singing lesson - Kosciuszko songs. Thousands of people have taken part in the singing lesson Acacia Rose - the one who led Prof. Rokosz to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko - now singing in Krakow.
Two buddies: Jesse born in Bega, and Andrzej born in Krakow. Prof. Rokosz joining the singers. Time to relax  having a ride in a  traditional
...and do not miss the view of the famous Kosciuszko monument on the Wawel Castle...
Wonderful ride but it is time now to rush to Planty. A special commemorative PLATAN tree was planted at the Planty. We also took part in the ceremony.
Only Ernestyna could not take part in the ceremony... for obvious reasons. In 200 years, would anyone remember there were Ngarigo people taking part in the ceremony of planting a commemorative Platan (plane tree)? Gathering at the Collegium Maius for a Concert of Chamber Music.
We felt like royals, indeed. Conference - Day Two. Making friends: Iris White (Australia) and Betsey Blakeslee (USA).
With  simultaneous interpreting service - all easy to follow... Poetesse Barbara Postawa making friends  with a an artist-painter Cheryl Davison. Betsey with Iris.
Ernestyna Skurjat-Kozek responding to Bogumiła Zongolowicz's speech regarding The Strzelecki plaques. Felix Molski about his trips around the world aiming to collect photos of Kosciuszko monuments and plaques.
Gifts and presents, presents and gifts...
Ernestyna receiving her medal Honoris Gratia from the Mayor Of Krakow during a farewell dinner at the Historical Museum.
The Dixons at the farewell dinner hosted by the Mayor of Krakow. Sunday, 15th October. We have been invited to the Mass at the Wawel Cathedral to observe Kosciuszko's Death Bicentenary. We were seated in the first and second  row.... ...just meters away from the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda and the First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda.
Unforgettable homily delivered by the Archbishop of Krakow, Marek Jedraszewski. After the Mass - waiting to lay a wreath on Kosciuszko's sarcophagus.
Iris and Andrzej ready to descend to the crypt. Back in the sunshine. Waiting for a chat with the President and First Lady.
Acacia had a chance to tell the President how she led prof. Rokosz to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko in zero visibility... And President streched his arms and said to Iris: thank you for your visit.
Our last gathering and a last photo together. This image will certainly remain in  our memory. ...and famous Sukiennice...
All these photos (large size) have been exhibited in Jindabyne during Kosciuszko Bicentenary  Festival on 28-29th October 2017.