Lajkonik takes on New Zealand

April 2017

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Arrival in Queenstown. First day walk. Lord of Rings: Grzes and Monica.
After the Maori show. In Milford Sound. Amelka's parents, Agnieszka and Zbyszek. Lajkonik with Polonus.
Gaby, Marzena & Vicky. Amelka in Kiwi Sanctuary. On the way to Picton.
A snack in Arrowtown. Chilling. Under a maple tree. Joasia thinking how to write a story about the trip.
Fraternizing! Just look here! Mum and daughter on a trip together. Hurray! Monika & Kayla.
Our show posters all over  town. Wearing our Pol-Art greys. Benia and Agnieszka in Queenstown. Urszula with Joasia.
Vicky and Ola in Milford Sound. In Mackers. Polish Mass in Wellington. Getting together: Lajkonik with Lublin & Orlęta.
The Gnatek family - Wellington. Day 7. Wellington. Visiting Weta Studios. Weta Studios in Wellington.
After Wellington. So tired... Boarding time.