Kosciuszko Festival Mass at St Patrick's Catholic Church, Cooma

Puls Polonii
April 20th, 2008

Galeria Zdjęć Pulsu Polonii

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Rev. Fr Joe Tran - the spirit of multiculturalism & reminiscences of John Paul II. Something very special about this Mass. Polish colours! The festival guests - junior group of Lajkonik Ensemble. The First Reading - in Polish.
Singing - in English. But we have brought a Polish soprano, too. (Halina Gad). Aussie writer. English lyrics. A song about Polish engineer Stan Blum. Is Kosciuszko looking at us from above? Like in the poem
Paul singing about generosity of the human heart. A ballad about Stanisław Blum. It was the world premiere of the song. And one could see a photo of Stan Blum projected on the wall above the altar. Fr Joe Tran was the first one to applaude Paul.
The Mass is ending. Time to go back to the Centennial Park. We'll remember this Mass. Shannon Mackay (left) got the First Prize in the festival photographic competition (pictured with his mum Lou).
Vera - a member of the trio singing about New friends: Halina Gad (in the middle) with Paul & Lou Mackay. Shall we meet here in a year's time? Fr Joe (hailing from Vietnam) with Paweł Gospodarczyk of Melbourne.
Krystyna Cyroń (right) saying good bye to Fr Joe. Mrs & Mr Pagin saying