K'Ozzie Fest in the eyes of Carole Thomas

Carole Thomas
April 2008

Galeria Zdjęć Pulsu Polonii

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Jindabyne Visitors Centre, 19th April 2008. The Second Mound & Mt Kosciuszko Festival being officially opened by Dave Darlington of the NPWS. Deputy Mayor John Shumack speaking on behalf of the Snowy River Shire Council. Polish Consul General Ryszard Sarkowicz (left) with Deputy Mayor of Jindabyne, John Shumack.
NPWS representatives have embraced the idea of Kosciuszko Festivals even before the historic concert on Mt Kosciuszko. Dave Darlington receving flowers from Festival organizers. Dave Darlington sharing flowers with his staff, Penny MacLennan, flanked by Lajkonik dancers. A dynamic Polish dance under the bright Aussie sky during the opening ceremony. Guests from Poland: Monika & Norbert Oksza Strzelecki with Consul General R. Sarkowicz (left) and Festival Director Ernestyna Skurjat-Kozek.
One of the winners of the photographic competition, Lukasz Swiatek being presented with flowers by Artistic Director, Ursula Lang. Head of the panel of judges Ray Killen in front of the Mound & Mt Kosciuszko Photographic Exhibition. One of the winners of the poetry & music competition Bunty Bisharah reading her poem in the  Memorial Hall, Jindabyne. The Memorial Hall was fully packed.
The Memorial Hall. Les Strzelecki of Cooma brought an exhibition telling the story of the  Strzelecki monument. A performance by the Junior Group of Traditional Polish dances by the
All the way from Melbourne - All the way from Sydney - Joanna of Paul Dion with his  group  singing  on a stage decorated by Gen. Kosciuszko's portrait and... apples from Les Strzelecki's orchard.
Daniel Gadd with a hat full of money. Nearly  $800 was collected for Cooma Hospital. After the concert everybody raced to the Strzelecki monument. It was So while waiting for their turn, the Strzeleckis chatted on: Norbert & Monika (left) with Les (right).
Martha & Richard Karpinski from Adaminaby happy to have found some space under the monument. Danielle Kelley, one of the winners in the poetry competition. Cooma Centennial Park, Sunday 20th of April. And the winner of the First Prize in the poetry competition was Lee Taylor-Friend (left)pictured with Festival Director, Ernestyna Skurjat-Kozek.